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Happy International Women's Day!

Posted by Serena Lidia Rafan on

Happy International Women's Day!

Today is the International Women’s Day. As women, myself, on this occasion of a worldwide celebration, I’d like to tell a story in hopes of enlightening passion in other women. Being a woman is often harder than everyone makes it seem. It takes work and confidence to achieve high goals, and be as unique as we all were made to be. Womanhood is about uniqueness, devotion and passion.

Be Unique! Be different!  

My mother never really had a place carved for her in this world. She never felt like she exceeded in something in particular. Sure, she had small passions that involved cooking and cleaning but never did she have a passion as firing to push her further into a new journey. That was until 2015. One day, my aunt sent us a package from Romania, with a magazine purse. It was simple and unique, initially the purse was for to me, as a present. I had gone with it at school once or twice and that was more than enough times for people to start getting intrigued by it. I then told my mother about how intrigued people were by the purse. Later that year, yearning for something else, for a change in her daily routine perhaps, my mother created her own magazine purse. At first, it took her some time to figure out the whole process but once she had figured it out, something amazing emerged. To be quiet frank she had succeeded greatly into creating her own magazine purse. I for one was stunned because I’ve never seen my mother fabricate something as crafty as that, but she, she was even more dazed by her creation. She started to enjoy the process of making purses out of papered magazines and she adored even more the final result. Her first purse was a medium sized one just as my aunt had sent, but after having made several of the same sized purses, my Mother wanted to try something new. So, she made her own models. It took her a good deal of time and hard dedication, nevertheless, she gave it her all. She produced the purses as a hobby to clear her mind. Slowly, but surly the whole process of creation was growing into an undeniable passion.

On February 2015 things shifted as my mother was called in emergency by our family doctor to have a biopsy performed for breast cancer. My mother had always worked double for our family and would never rest, all I ever record her doing was work, quiet fairly I was scared. We all were, I remember my father panicked at the very news. When the day of the biopsy came, she kept her calm, she honestly didn’t think something was wrong with her. However, she explained that for her, this was a wake-up call, calling her out on her life’s purpose.

As she entered in the biopsy room, the first thing her doctor questioned her about what her magazine purse. It was the fist man to ever notice her bag and compliment her on it. At the end of the biopsy, he said “You should really try and sell this.” And that was the beginning of something new. It turned out that my mother’s results came out negative from the biopsy. We were all very relived, however she had something totally different on her mind. She used her doctor’s advice and tried to created her own business out of her passion. This goes to show that everything truly does happen for a reason, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

My mother started by creating a Facebook page for her product, later she incorporated a website, an Instagram page and many more. The purses got more and more attention from people of all genders and ages. As time went on she had created a handful of different models switching up colors and adding personal touches to each and every one of her magazine purse. My mother started to patriciate at artisanal salons to sell her products, in hopes of growing her business and pushing her passion further. Although, said like this, it might seem quite easy, it was not. My mother had to put in a lot of hard work and devotion into creation her purses, she often times worked double and woke up earlier just to finish up a new model. She had to put on great amount of effort to grow her social media to make herself seen but never did she back down, almost two years later and she is still pushing forward towards being the best version of herself and doing what she loves while bringing out the uniqueness of every women who gets to wear her purse.

By Hands from Claudia

The key to being a women is being one together, today, on International Women’s Day, it is important to remind ourselves why we are women and what is it that we want to bring out to society. Follow your passion, stay true to yourself and most importantly be daring! Fix yourself high goals and remember to work hard and give it your all! Every one of us has its own special place you just have to reach out to it.