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Be Unique, Be Different!  Be the Exception!

Have you ever felt like your taste didn’t match what was standing in the showcase? Like you were aiming for something which would stand out and match your uniqueness? 

By Hands from Claudia is proud to add uniqueness & color to everyday women’s life with high-quality Handbags and Purses that exceed their expectations.

I bring 100% different accessories, cruelty free, eco-friendly, for all the women that want to stand out from the crowd. 

I have the perfect product for you women out there, who wish to express your peculiarity among something completely fashionable.

 I offer a handmade collection of my own custom magazine handbags created especially for the women who want to be unique and different. 

My unique process ensures that no bag is the same as the other. 

You are truly purchasing a bag of a kind!